The Muslim Jewish Leadership Council in Europe is organizing the Coalition Building Workshop: Establishing a Coalition Building Agenda for the European Muslim and Jewish Leadership Council.

The Coalition Building Workshop is cordially being hosted by the Municipality of the City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and supported by KAICIID Vienna.

The aim of this meeting is to support Jewish and Muslim religious leaders in the review, sharing and learning from current good practice of inter-religious and inter-community dialogue and collaboration.

When our Muslim and Jewish leaders take the lead, the communities will follow.

The event will be held on the 8th and the 9th of October 2018 in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This workshop will entail two thematic blocks focused on:

  1. Sharing current best practice of Muslim – Jewish dialogues and cooperation, and
  2. Outlook of the future coalition building opportunities around the MJLC mission.

Throughout the sessions, participants will be asked to spell out their ideas transforming the current inter-community dialogues into well-defined, operational and goal-oriented coalitions.


MJLC Amsterdam Office
Kanteel 82, 1083 DC  Amsterdam
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