CV Rabbi Lody B. van de Kamp (BEd.)
Born in 1948, in Enschede, Holland.

After finishing his high school education in Holland, he studied at the
Talmudical Colleges in Montreux in Switzerland and in London.
He received his rabbinical ordination in 1978.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

After living several years in London and serving as a rabbi he moved back
to Holland. He served as communal rabbi in the Jewish communities such
as The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. As a qualified Shochet, a
religious slaughterer, as well, he was many years in the fore front of the
political battle to protect Shechita, religious slaugthering rights in the
Netherlands. He served for twelve years on the city council of Amsterdam
for the CDA political party.

Rabbi van de Kamp is director of Jehoeda Services, which organizes study
tours to Eastern Europe ‘1000 years of Jewish History’.
He served for ten years as the director of the Orthodox Jewish High School
‘Cheder’ in Amsterdam.

He is a member of the Strategic Network against Radicalization and
Polarization of the City of Amsterdam (SNRP) and is co-coordinator of the
European Muslim and Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC) based in Vienna,
under the presidency of Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt of Moscow and
Mufti Nedzad Grabus of Ljubljana.
He is a founder member of Salaam-Shalam, the Amsterdam based
friendships league of Muslims and Jews.

Together with Morocco born Said Bensalem, social entrepreneur, he runs
the organization “Said & Lody” against criminalization and radicalization of
Youth and students with a social deprived background.

He is a regular monthly publisher in the Dutch National and Belgium Jewish

Het is a member of the advisory Board of Multi Plus Zorg (MPZ) for care for
youngsters at risk.

He is a senior lecturer at the Centre for Jewish Studies in Leiden.

Rabbi van de Kamp has published the following books on Jewish historical

  • Het was maar kort (1994)
  • Als de Mezoeza maar goed zit (1994)
  • Weeskinderen (2006)
  • Oorlogstranen (2008)
  • Alleen (2010)
  • Dagboek van een verdoofd rabbijn (2012)
  • De Joodse Slaaf (2014)
  • Sara, het meisje dat op transport ging (2017)

He is married, with five children.