Tarafa Baghajati, Born 1961 in Damascus/Syria, civil engineer by profession. chair of AMI (Austrian Muslim Initiative), established in 1999. He acts as Imam in Vienna and he is Cultural Officer of the Islamic Community in Vienna since 2010. Baghajati is founder member (2006) and since 2014 Co-Chair of the Platform Christians & Muslims in Austria. He is engaged in the Jewish – Muslim – Dialogue in Austria and Europe.

Tarafa Baghajati is former Board member (2001-2004) and Vice President (2004-2007) of the European Network against Racism ENAR; he is currently member of the ENARAdvisory He is Board member of EMISCO European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion and Vice Chair of Islamic Institute for Adults Education-Vienna WIIEB.

He was Board Member of the PIE Platform for Intercultural Europe (2009-2013). Baghajati is since 2005 activist against FGM (female genital mutilation) and since 2006 partner and adviser of the organisation TARGET, chaired by Rüdiger Nehberg in Hamburg to prevent the practice of FGM in Europe and Africa. He participated and led several Imam-Conferences in Cairo, Addis Ababa and Guinea Bissau.

AMI Austrian Muslim Initiative encourages interreligious dialogue; it promotes Muslim participation in public life, in particular political participation; and builds bridges among Muslim communities, promoting participation of Muslim-Women in all areas of life; and also addressing critical discourse within the Muslim community. One of the most important areas of activities is Antiracism combatting all kinds of discrimination, especially Islamophobia and Antisemitism.