The MJLC would like to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation for H.E. KAICIID’s Secretary General Dr. Zuhair Alharthi for inviting us to meet with new KAICIID leadership in Lisbon, Portugal, and to KAICIID’s Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Antonio de Almeida Ribeiro for sitting down for a meeting with the MJLC Board at KAICIID’s new offices in Lisbon.

Ambassador de Almeida Ribeiro Ambassador de Almeida Ribeiro

The fruitful and amicable exchange between the Board and Ambassador de Almeida Ribeiro was an excellent reaffirmation of the ongoing collaboration between the MJLC and KAICIID during which a variety of topics were discussed including the ongoing MJLC Ambassadors Programme, the challenges faced by Muslim and Jewish communities across Europe, and the importance of social cohesion.

The MJLC is looking forward to more meetings of this kind in the future and is looking forward to the opportunity to sit down with H.E. Secretary General Alharthi to further deepen cooperation with our partners at KAICIID.