On 12 December 2016, fourteen European religious leaders – seven Jewish and seven Muslims – met in Vienna, Austria to unite in a common prayer to God.

This to realize a union of intentions to serve the need, more urgent than ever in today’s Europe, to free religious people and religions from prejudice, false claims, attacks, and violence.  These negative approaches obscure the true value and contribution that each religious tradition has the right and duty to contribute to European society.


Using Jewish history to combat anti-Muslim discrimination in the Nethe...


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Using Jewish history to combat anti-Muslim discrimination in the Netherlands: Rabbi Lody van de Kamp

This article was originally published by the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Washington. By Nicolaas P. Barr This past summer, together with UW Athletics, my colleague Dr. Amy Peloff and I led a group of students to Amsterdam as part of the Comparative History of Ideas “Tolerance, Identity, and Difference” study …

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The Halle Terrorist Attack, Yom Kippur, the 9th of October 2019

Only days after the suspected terrorist attack in Limburg, a town near the city of Frankfurt, in which several people were hurt, terror returned to the streets of Germany. In the town of Halle in central Germany, a gunman tried to force his way into the synagogue before turning to passers-by and a Turkish Kebab …

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A proposed ban on male circumcision in Sweden

3rd of October 2019 The Swedish Centre Party voted in favor of banning circumcision of boys in absence of a medical reason during the party’s annual meeting in Karlstad (Sweden) during the weekend of the 28th and 29th September. Although the decision on circumcision goes against the official party line, the rejection of the board …

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