On 12 December 2016, fourteen European religious leaders – seven Jewish and seven Muslims – met in Vienna, Austria to unite in a common prayer to God.

This to realize a union of intentions to serve the need, more urgent than ever in today’s Europe, to free religious people and religions from prejudice, false claims, attacks, and violence.  These negative approaches obscure the true value and contribution that each religious tradition has the right and duty to contribute to European society.


European Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council Expresses Support for KAICII...



European Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council Expresses Support for KAICIID


It is with deep dismay that the Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC) has heard of recent developments in Austria which could lead to the country’s withdrawal from the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID). The Board of Directors of the MJLC has worked with KAICIID closely over the last three years to launch the first European network for …


The ban on religious cattle and poultry slaughtering, Halal and Kosher, in the Flemish provinces of Belgium


Vienna, 6rd January 2019 On Monday, the 1st of January 2019, in the Flemish section of Belgium the banning of cattle and poultry slaughter without pre-stunning came into force. This discriminating measure affects the large Muslim and Jewish communities in this country. That provinces within Belgium, with its lawmaking capital of Europe Brussels, have passed …

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The attack in Pittsburgh on Jewish Worshippers


Synagogue Tree of Life during the Shabbat-services 27th October 2018 Words can not express our feelings of sorrow and sadness about this horrifying attack against humanity. An attack on a place of Divine worship is an attack on all places of worship. This heinous hate crime perpetrated against peaceful worshippers in a synagogue in Pittsburg, …