Rav Hofmeister

We would like to congratulate our members Chief Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister and Imam Sulayman Antonio de Diego Gonzales for their contributions to the important conversation on “Muslim Jewish Relations in Light of the Recent Conflict” organised by the Institute for the Promotion of Latin America and the Caribbean (IPDAL) in Mafra Portugal on 2 May 2024.

Chief Rabbi Hofmeister emphasised the importance of religious leaders in speaking out against abuses of religion to advance cynical political objectives stating:

“There is no problem with the fact that, in Europe, people take sides, the problem starts when a lobby in its own interest denounces the other, stigmatizes the other, and creates a political rift. This is not a religious conflict, on both sides, there are those who try to define it as such. There are extremists trying to find religious justifications and playing politics behind religion. Because fascism, nationalism, and calls to violence can never be justified by religion, whatever it may be... And the moment someone says that, we as religious leaders have to speak louder, we have a responsibility to denounce any abuse of religion for political ends.”

Imam De Diego Mafra

Imam de Diego Gonzales spoke about the great need for more interreligious dialogue such as that carried out by the MJLC.

“This conflict that is happening far from Europe has affected our daily lives and mental health in both the Muslim and Jewish communities… We need more interreligious dialogue, this is very important, Sometimes we are not talking within our communities about what is happening. As Rabbi Hofmeister explained this is a political issue not a religious one. We need to put in the work to understand what is happening and how we can help from a distance drawing on the ideas and values that represent Europe and are ingrained in our faiths.”