Our prime task

The European Muslim and Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC) regards it as her prime obligation to renew in Europe a culture of respect and appreciation of religious identities, specifically Judaism and Islam, beginning with the awareness of the essential patrimony which religious Traditions represent for every society and civilization.

This task will be inspired by the contribution that Jews and Muslims were able to give towards the blossoming of European culture in the past centuries, but also project themselves in the reality of our times with the intellectual and social challenges that religions are met with.

Our strategy

The Council operates at solely a European level, while interacting with both European and extra-European (international) counterparts. This independent institution works with those public and private entities that support the Council’s goals. By working together, the Council members multiply their individual insight and effectiveness, strengthening the measure the Council takes in consensus to safeguard European religious freedom and pluralism.

The Council offers a unified, European, Muslim-Jewish advocacy and inter-community trust-building platform.

Our objectives

The Council’s advocacy upholds common Muslim-Jewish values, calls for the protection of the universal right to freedom of religion and belief, corrects stereotypes and builds inter- communal and intra-communal trust and cooperation. Furthermore, the Council’s joint Muslim-Jewish educational strategy facilitates intra-community and inter-community understanding and respect for Muslims and Jews in Europe, while establishing bridges to other religious communities and secular groups that share common values embodied within the Charter of Europe and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The MJLC undertakes concrete actions in the cultural, educational, institutional and social fields are implemented in Europe to the benefit of European population.